I want to personally thank People First Property Solutions for giving me the opportunity to  invest in your process and your system. The moment I started working with your TEAM I could tell your professionalism was going to make this a great experience. The communication and updates about the project were as much appreciated as anticipated. I want to thank you for going over and beyond whenever needed. I can’t wait to work with your organization again.

S. McNicholas

Jean, Ryan, and the whole team at People First Property Solutions were an absolute pleasure to work with.  As a lender, I always look for opportunities to partner with individuals and companies that are true professionals and of course have a great deal of expertise in investing.  PFPS exemplify these qualities, and made doing business a pleasant and comfortable experience.  The ongoing communication through out the project was great, opening and closing escrow was organized and on time, and the transaction happened with out a hitch.  Looking forward to continuing to do business with PFPS

C. Hatter

Working with People First Property Solutions has been the best investment I have made as a private lender.  I felt extremely comfortable working with them because they put my needs first. They are professional in every aspect of their business and I’ve gotten much larger returns working with them compared to just letting my money sit in the bank. People First Property Solutions  and I have worked together on several deals and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with them again. The biggest tip I can give anyone interested in lending is find a top tier business like People First and stick with them. They will take amazing care of you and make investing simple.

 J. Kaufman
Ryan and Jean have been great to work with!  Watching them manage their business I can tell they have a solid command of their business and a really great process to vet their opportunities.  Their speed and ability to rehab properties lets me know they have a sound knowledge of what they’re doing and a very efficient process to get their product to market quickly.  I would not hesitate to do business with them again.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of investors to work with.
O. Gonzalez
I highly recommend working with Ryan and his team. We mastermind on a regular basis and what they bring to the table for home sellers and buyers is tremendous
Noah H.