What to look for in a Rental Property in Orlando?

Posted by Ryan Delegge // August 4, 2015

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All investors share one common goal when it comes to investing, “to achieve financial freedom”. Investing in real estate presents its own challenges and doesn’t come without lot of work. Buying the right properties is a challenge in itself, but if you have a pulse on your market and you know how to properly buy […]

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Are you using Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Investing Company?

Posted by Ryan Delegge // July 14, 2015

Realtor with couple outside home

Fifteen years ago, if you were considering about venturing into Real Estate Investing and you were thinking about starting a marketing campaign, you probably would have thought of “newspaper marketing” or “rental space” as ways to promote your business and expand your network. Well the world is changing to a more “digital” marketing platform every […]

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How to get out from your Under Water Mortgage?

Posted by Ryan Delegge // June 29, 2015

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Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? Are you behind on your mortgage and are starting to consider foreclosure as an option? No one ever imagines themselves buying a new home then later face foreclosure. Where do you begin to untangle this mess? The first step is to understand what you are really up against. […]

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Best Time to be an Orlando Homeowner

Posted by Ryan Delegge // May 21, 2015


No Better Time Than Now to be an Orlando Homeowner Purchasing a home is exhilarating, especially if you are a first time home buyer. And like many other exciting things in life, it comes with fear. It is such a huge commitment and there are so many things to consider that it can become overwhelming. […]

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home During the Off-season

Posted by Ryan Delegge // December 17, 2014

how to sell your home in the winter

People often say winter is the off-season for trying to sell a property. It is true that the winter season is not the hottest time of the year to sell a property, yet if you want to sell your house fast, do not hesitate to list it on the market during these months as you […]

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How to Find a Buyer on the Orlando Market

Posted by Ryan Delegge // December 1, 2014

Cash Buyers in Orlando

The property market in Orlando has always attracted buyers for numerous reasons – the weather is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful. There are plenty of recreational options and various other opportunities to be done. The unemployment rate is low and the potential to better one’s life is serious. There is a strong attraction towards […]

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The Real Estate Rental Income in Orlando is CRAZY

Posted by Ryan Delegge // November 25, 2014

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Have you ever wondered about what rental income in Orlando looks like? Real estate rental income in Orlando, including residential and vacation rental, provide a wonderful way for securing the financial future of your family. The interest towards the Orlando area is serious and is expected to remain so, the prices are affordable and the […]

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First Time Home Buyers Are Being Attracted to the Orlando Market By The Truck Loads!

Posted by Ryan Delegge // November 19, 2014


With the stable real estate situation in the Orlando Property Market, there is a vast choice of wonderful properties at affordable prices that make comfortable and affordable living desirable for not only the first time homeowner but also investors. It seems that the healthy housing Orlando Market is seriously attracting new homeowners and first time […]

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How to Sell Your Home in Orlando and the Options You Have

Posted by Ryan Delegge // November 11, 2014

Sell Home in Orlando

People who own a home in the Orlando area and are looking to sell it for various reasons have quite a few options and possibilities available to consider. How to sell your home in Orlando? There are various options that home sellers in Orlando have when it comes to selling their houses, outside of realtors […]

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Did you know that 7% of realtors actually do 93% of the business!!

Posted by Ryan Delegge // October 28, 2014

Realtor with couple outside home

We all know about the 80/20 rule applied in the business according to which 20 % of the companies do 80 % of the business. This rule is valid for all spheres of business and could be applied for all industries and in the countries throughout the world. When it comes to the real estate […]

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