Are you using Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Investing Company?

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Realtor with couple outside homeFifteen years ago, if you were considering about venturing into Real Estate Investing and you were thinking about starting a marketing campaign, you probably would have thought of “newspaper marketing” or “rental space” as ways to promote your business and expand your network. Well the world is changing to a more “digital” marketing platform every day. This is a challenge that we always need to keep up with because whether young or old, more and more people are spending their time online. So, to bring your A- game into the real estate marketing world, you would need to be able to jumpstart and maintain new relationships via various social media platforms, because this is a new life blood of the industry. Who has not heard of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram? — Just to name a few. Most people are already very active on “social media” and it is a great way to market yourself and your business for credibility.

One of the things that some people have misconceptions about is “Online Presence”. One of the reasons you want to create an online presence is to boaden your market place and to be able to market your brand and build relationships. Always remember that “quality is more important than quantity” Make sure to post things that actually “matter’. And no, it really does not have to be about the progress of finding cure for cancer, but things that matter and are relavant to your business. Content is king, so make sure that what you post holds the interest of your target markets. As an investor, you might want to share updates about your recent deals, share articles about how the real estate market is fairing or even put up a blog. This is a way to be seen by your market as an “expert” on what you actually do. And if you are able to maintain this, people will remain interested in your business and will want to stay in the loop of what you and your company are up to. Also, always be updating your profile with your real estate investing and goals.

Once you have understand the quality of content you share and post, more and more people are going to be attracted to you and your busniess, creating more opportunity. Tip one, make sure that you take care of your audiences “interest” and most importantly make them feel you are interested in their opinion too. Never forget that these platforms should not just always be about you, remember they are meant to be “Social”. So be interactive, do not just be the source of information but let people share information with you too. Dont take for granted the people who are commenting and liking on your page. Build relationships and nurture them! Be consistent with your presence, stir up interest. If you would want to become the go- to person of everyone who’s looking to sell or buy a home? Then always be inviting, elicit responses, ask questions.

Lastly, be mindful about how you package yourself. Keep in mind that you are marketing your brand. So before you post anything or reply to any commentators no matter how rude they are, make sure that you remind yourself that this would reflect on your brand, represent your company. Never forget the online Mantra, “Think before you click” and make sure that you only attach yourself with credible articles, tell actual stories about your team and the deals you are working on and of course, don’t copy someone else’s work.

Social Media, is a double edged sword, it can make or break your business depending on how you use it. So always remember “Be visible, be consistent and be credible”.

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