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What to look for in a Rental Property in Orlando?

All investors share one common goal when it comes to investing, “to achieve financial freedom”. Investing in real estate presents its own challenges and doesn’t come without lot of work. Buying the right properties is a challenge in itself, but if you have a pulse on your market and you know how to properly buy specific properties before acquiring them, then you might just be making one of the best financial moves you could ever make.

One of the most tried and true ways to succeed In Real estate is by acquiring rental properties, at least if you do things the right way from the start. What is the probability of doing everything right, especially if you are just starting out? Sometimes you really have to learn through your own experiences and unfortunately sometimes we have to learn them the hard way. Most of the the time the hard way comes in the form of being your own property manager. If you are thinking about being a landlord, here are some tips that you might want to consider. Remember that not all properties make good rentals, so make sure you watch out for these 7 Important Things.

  1. Neighborhoods- Location matters a lot in Real Estate, more importantly in Rentals. The location will dictate the quality of people that you are going to attract as tenants. For example, you have chosen to buy a property near a University. Then most likely, your tenants would be made up of students and would have a high probability of vacancies during summer time.

Also what’s crucial is your management plan. Are you going to manage your rentals full time or are you hiring a property manager to do it all for you? Because if you intend to actively manage then you have to make sure that the location you are choosing will be on a close proximity to you. Make sure that you do a research about how the neighborhood will fare in a long term scheme (Around 5 to- 10 years) and see if they are in line with your goals.

It is also important to know what Amenities are in the area or what the Crime rate is because nobody wants to live in the ghetto. Check the neighbourhood for malls, theatres and public transport hubs that could serve as perks for your tenants. Study the employment rate. Locations with growing number of jobs would be attracting to more people which of course would mean a bigger tenant pool for you. Good thing we have a strong economy and groth rate here in Orlando!

  1. Your Goals- Just like anything in life, buying a rental property would work well if you have clear objectives you are trying to achive. If you know what you want then it’s easier to map out an action plan to achieve it. Think about your short and long term goals for this property and your entire portfolio. Do you want to keep this property as a constant stream of income for you, or hold it for a few years while the appreceation increases and sell it later on? Your plans may not be realized all the time but your Goals are your constent remainder to staying on track.
  2. Property Taxes and Rents- Remember your common goal? Yes, Financial Independence! So you have to make sure that at the end of the day, we are earning and not losing money. Knowing the Numbers is the key, they impact your cash flow and we want to make sure that we have an idea on all the costs involved. One of the surprises that may come to a new landlord is their property taxes. You need to be aware as to how much you might be paying in taxes. One way to get ready for this is to visit the county tax accessors office and find out all the tax information on file or talk to a homeowner within the community to get a ball park range as to what you may be paying.

Another thing you need to know is how much rents are going for. Not knowing the rents could directly impact your cash flow. Find out what the average rent rate is in your area and see if they will be enough to cover taxes, mortgage payments and other expenses such as “maintenance”. Study the area very well, it might be good to know that you can afford it now but what is affordable now could cause you to lose thousands of dollars if you are not being careful.

  1. Your Market- If you have already decided which location you are going to buy in, then you have to make sure to find the “standard way of living”. If the end objective is to charge a little over market value for rents just make sure that you are not going over board on price for your rental. Not everyone will be willing to shell out extra cash to pay for comfort. So learn what is acceptable and what makes sense for your target markets.

Profile your potential tenants and know what they are looking for in a home, be on the lookout for things such as how many bedrooms are usually being sought out in your area. At the end of the day, tenants are not far from homebuyers, they still would be looking out for the “Space“ that they need.

  1. Parking-   Recently, there have been an increasing number of tenants who require an apt parking space. Make sure that you consider this, because this will allow you to charge a higher rate compared to others and make your property stay in demand.
  2. Natural Disasters- Natural Disasters results in loss of life and thousands in property damages every year. Study the area well, and investigate if it is in a flood or earthquake prone zone. Insurance is a must so think about it. It will be a deduction on your returns, so know how much you will need to carry.
  3. Your Emotional and Financial Readiness- Owning a rental property is a great way to financial freedom and a great deal of profit but it is not for everyone! Dealing with tenants might be stressful enough, there will be occurrences of late payments, unexpected and COSTLY repairs, family drama and all that could possibly happen. So before you jump in the pool make sure you are 100% financially and emotionally ready. If you have already found an ideal rental property, keep your expectations realistic and firstly guarantee that your own pocket is in a healthy enough state to wait for the property to produce cash flow rather than needing it desperately.
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Are you using Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Investing Company?

Fifteen years ago, if you were considering about venturing into Real Estate Investing and you were thinking about starting a marketing campaign, you probably would have thought of “newspaper marketing” or “rental space” as ways to promote your business and expand your network. Well the world is changing to a more “digital” marketing platform every day. This is a challenge that we always need to keep up with because whether young or old, more and more people are spending their time online. So, to bring your A- game into the real estate marketing world, you would need to be able to jumpstart and maintain new relationships via various social media platforms, because this is a new life blood of the industry. Who has not heard of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram? — Just to name a few. Most people are already very active on “social media” and it is a great way to market yourself and your business for credibility.

One of the things that some people have misconceptions about is “Online Presence”. One of the reasons you want to create an online presence is to boaden your market place and to be able to market your brand and build relationships. Always remember that “quality is more important than quantity” Make sure to post things that actually “matter’. And no, it really does not have to be about the progress of finding cure for cancer, but things that matter and are relavant to your business. Content is king, so make sure that what you post holds the interest of your target markets. As an investor, you might want to share updates about your recent deals, share articles about how the real estate market is fairing or even put up a blog. This is a way to be seen by your market as an “expert” on what you actually do. And if you are able to maintain this, people will remain interested in your business and will want to stay in the loop of what you and your company are up to. Also, always be updating your profile with your real estate investing and goals.

Once you have understand the quality of content you share and post, more and more people are going to be attracted to you and your busniess, creating more opportunity. Tip one, make sure that you take care of your audiences “interest” and most importantly make them feel you are interested in their opinion too. Never forget that these platforms should not just always be about you, remember they are meant to be “Social”. So be interactive, do not just be the source of information but let people share information with you too. Dont take for granted the people who are commenting and liking on your page. Build relationships and nurture them! Be consistent with your presence, stir up interest. If you would want to become the go- to person of everyone who’s looking to sell or buy a home? Then always be inviting, elicit responses, ask questions.

Lastly, be mindful about how you package yourself. Keep in mind that you are marketing your brand. So before you post anything or reply to any commentators no matter how rude they are, make sure that you remind yourself that this would reflect on your brand, represent your company. Never forget the online Mantra, “Think before you click” and make sure that you only attach yourself with credible articles, tell actual stories about your team and the deals you are working on and of course, don’t copy someone else’s work.

Social Media, is a double edged sword, it can make or break your business depending on how you use it. So always remember “Be visible, be consistent and be credible”.

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How to get out from your Under Water Mortgage?

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? Are you behind on your mortgage and are starting to consider foreclosure as an option? No one ever imagines themselves buying a new home then later face foreclosure. Where do you begin to untangle this mess? The first step is to understand what you are really up against. What does foreclosure really mean and why shouldn’t you give up?

Foreclosure is one of the many things that can happen to you when your house has a “Negative Equity” and you fall behind on payments. You might have heard this term a lot since the economic downturn. Negative Equity happens when the value of your home is actually worth less than the amount that you still owe on your mortgage. Having this makes it difficult to market your house because a prospective buyer is very unlikely to make you an offer adequate to cover your mortgage balance. When this transpires then there is a likelihood of your home being foreclosed. So what does it mean for you?

When being foreclosed on, the homeowner will have to give the keys back to the lender and “willingly” moving out of the house. Once a homeowner has been served with notice to move out, it is always in the homeowners best interest to leave without causing a scene and risk the potential for  the embarrassment that can come with having the police involved for the eviction process. Unfortunately, foreclosure hits your credit profile and is considered derogatory by credit scoring systems. This mark on your credit can make it difficult — sometimes impossible — to borrow money for another home, car or any major acquisitions for quite some time. It is really a difficult place to be in. Therefore, if it can be avoided, it’s in the best interest of everyone involved.

Quite honestly, the only clean way out of a bad mortgage would be to sell your home for as much as you can and then come up with any deficit balance in cash at closing. This would allow you to satisfy the loan fully and will result in no negative credit reporting. Of course, you might have to come up with thousands of dollars to save your credit rating. And for some of us this might not even be a viable option at all. So what if you are one of them?

Then you might want to consider a short sale!

In a short sale, you sell your home for less than the amount you owe on it. You might have heard that the bank accepts the proceeds of the sale and you get to walk away. Luckily, here in Orlando, this is precisely the case. Florida is one of the 12 states where once your creditor favours a short sale and you sell the property, you’re free (Non-Recourse State). In the other thirty-eight states, you may still be accountable for the “deficiency” – the percentage of the loan not recompensed by the short sale. If you live in one of these 12 states then this could even be enough of a reason why you should consider putting up your house for a short sale.

Also, short sales are less damaging to your credit and will help you recover quicker than a foreclosure, which can help you receive loans faster. If you decided on a short sale, know that your credit score is still going to take a hit, but at least this may not be as severe as a foreclosure.

Although short sales are not exactly risk-free when it comes to the seller’s credit and other financial implications, it definitely opens the door to solutions for homeowners that can allow them to dodge legal actions and the long, strenuous foreclosure process.

Best Time to be an Orlando Homeowner

No Better Time Than Now to be an Orlando Homeowner

Purchasing a home is exhilarating, especially if you are a first time home buyer. And like many other exciting things in life, it comes with fear. It is such a huge commitment and there are so many things to consider that it can become overwhelming. You need to be careful with every move and be well prepared. But then again, what is a few months of pressure compared to a lifetime of happiness and security? After all, this is going to be your home. Would there be a better time in starting to build it than NOW? Well, I don’t know about your city, but it is definitely the case in ORLANDO. Here’s why NOW is the best time to be an Orlando homeowner:

In an article published by Forbes early this year, Orlando was among the top five cities which were named as the safest bet when buying houses to hold for a long-term. The main reason for this is that the stability of jobs grows relative to the rising population while the prices of the houses remain comparatively low. To support this claim the Local Market Monitor, an organization which co- facilitated this research, said that the pricing on houses in the city is still considered “undervalue” which implicates that it is below or within the “income price” of the area. The housing market stays more inexpensive than most markets across the country. Top real estate education firm, Fortune Builders, concludes that proprietors in Orlando usually allot 10.9% of their monthly incomes to the mortgage. The typical U.S. homeowners normally spend beyond 16% of their monthly wages to pay off their mortgage.
On the other hand, the tricky part of the real estate market is that it is ever changing. For instance, on the same study conducted by Forbes last year, all the house pricing on each cities named on the list were considered as “undervalued” but this year 4 cities are considered a bit “overheated”. So, don’t wait for the prices to go up again, the best time to buy and become an Orlando homeowner is NOW!

Not only has Orlando been named among the top five best cities to invest in housing, but has also been ranked as number one in the nation for job growth (Orlando Sentinel). Most likely, you’ll get higher chances of easing your employment worries here than any other cities in the country.  According to a report published by Fortune Magazine in November of 2014, by means of the data provided by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Orlando’s job growth was at 3.7% during the months of January- September of 2014, which doubles that of the national average. The city out-ranked all Florida markets in terms of employment development over the last year. The area’s employment zone is very active and will remain as the catalyst of resource and demand for real estate in the region.

Orlando is a beautiful city which falls in the right mixture of vigour and tranquillity that it can embrace the lifestyle you prefer. It is a delightfully harmonized community despite the population of the Orlando homeowner being very diversified.

Whatever the reason is for you to consider buying a starter home, may it be financial concerns or your lifestyle, there is no slowing down that is happening here in Orlando. There is no better time to buy than right NOW!

Orlando Homeowner

People First Property Solutions

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how to sell your home in the winter

5 Tips to Sell Your Home During the Off-season

People often say winter is the off-season for trying to sell a property. It is true that the winter season is not the hottest time of the year to sell a property, yet if you want to sell your house fast, do not hesitate to list it on the market during these months as you can miss a great opportunities. Below, read the five quick tips on how to sell your home in the winter.

1. Get rid of all clutter and unnecessary things.
If you are wondering how to sell your home in the winter remove the clutter and any furniture, which takes up too much place. There should be space in each room to be able to move around comfortably and the furniture items should be carefully chosen to resemble a nice atmosphere. Remember to put fresh flowers as well!

2. Invest in small improvements.
If you want to sell your house fast you should consider investing in small improvements around the house. These small improvements will bring you a big return when it comes time to sell. Here is a few great ideas, a new coat of paint or redoing the landscaping, maybe it might be fixing the cabinets or patching the holes. These are small efforts that will result in more confident end buyers.

3. Careful with the holiday decoration.
The holidays are tempting us all to decorate our homes, however if you wish to sell your house fast be careful with the holiday cheer. You can decorate the house of course, but try not to overload it with lights. However, do spice up – your house will feel more inviting and will become more comfortable if you use some holiday-scented candles. The same is true if you bake Christmas cookies with cinnamon and ginger bread before showing your house.

4. Keep the house throughways clear.
Remember to keep your yards and front lawn clear of snowflakes and leafs. Potential buyers will always judge a house by its curb appeal. The appearance of your home is critical, so make sure you have shoveled the driveway and the sidewalks, the deck and the outdoor walking path. Do that regularly. You will make good first impressions if your property is clean, looks inviting and safe.

5. Last but not least – use the help of experienced realtors.
You can do everything within your power to set up your house and present it in the best possible way, but an experienced realtor can help you sell your home in the winter. Real estate agents use various marketing strategies and the latest technology in order to attract the largest pool of potential buyers. That is why if you want to sell your house fast, work with professional brokers.

You should also remember to look at your home not through the eyes of an owner but through the eyes of a potential buyer. In this way you will spot the negative things and be able to fix them. If you want to sell your house fast during the off-season, you will meet certain challenges. So, just follow these basic 5 tips on how to sell your home in the winter and rely on the help of the professional agents. They will help you find out the buyers’ expectations in your region.

Cash Buyers in Orlando

How to Find a Buyer on the Orlando Market

The property market in Orlando has always attracted buyers for numerous reasons – the weather is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful. There are plenty of recreational options and various other opportunities to be done. The unemployment rate is low and the potential to better one’s life is serious. There is a strong attraction towards the property market in Orlando, many new businesses and homes are emerging, and the public and private services are seeing improvement. With all the traffic being driven to the Orlando area, there is a growing need for quality vacation rentals.

There are always people looking to sell their homes quickly, for the cash buyer, this presents unlimited opportunities to find a seller. However, sellers should always consider staging their houses in Orlando because will help increase the desirability of their home and receive the sale price that the property deserves. Successful staging will always increase the chances of the seller to find a cash buyer for one’s home. There are several essential tips that should be followed if a property owner wants to sell one’s house for cash in Orlando and do it fast.

One of the first things that a seller should do is, envision their home through the eyes of a potential buyer. This is easier said than done, but it will help the seller see and stage the property correctly, and clear away anything that is unneeded. Place a fresh paint where required and remove the personal things – the family photographs and all those small things that reveal the life of the current owner. The potential buyer should be able to picture him and his family living in the house.

A home owner who is looking to sell their house for cash in Orlando should pay attention to the bedrooms and arrange them in such a way as to feel like spacious and comfortable relaxing zones. The bathrooms should also be paid attention to and they should be impeccably clean with brand new towels being hanged.

Other things that the owner can do to stage his home to look more presentable is to put fresh flowers in the living room, to remove all the things on the top of the kitchen cooking zone so that it looks large and clean. In general, cleanliness is very important and if the owner wants to sell his house for cash in Orlando, the home should be thoroughly clean. The small things that needed fixing should be fixed, and the lighting should be organized. The proper light used can make each room look bigger. According to the real estate experts in Orlando, the dark premises and the dark house turn off the potential buyers.

Those owners who want to sell house for cash in Orlando should also think of presenting the property in specialized property websites and market it on social media. In order to be very successful at that they should think of professional photos which focus on the exterior and the interior of the property and highlight its positive sides.

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The Real Estate Rental Income in Orlando is CRAZY

Have you ever wondered about what rental income in Orlando looks like? Real estate rental income in Orlando, including residential and vacation rental, provide a wonderful way for securing the financial future of your family. The interest towards the Orlando area is serious and is expected to remain so, the prices are affordable and the job market is stable. The real estate rental income in Orlando is something that is possible for any household that decides to invest and take advantage of the market potential. Families that want to improve their standard of living by using real estate rental income in Orlando should remember however, that properties and especially the vacation market could be a great opportunity to venture into, however this is a business after all and not just a passive investment. Families that are looking for passive investments need to focus on the long term rental market in Orlando rather than on the vacation market.

Families that buy residential properties and vacation properties primarily use them for the main purpose of enjoyment. Families in Orlando are now seeing the value of the rental game and are starting to take advantage of the benefits of passive income. When new home owners in Orlando rely entirely on third parties to take care of the rental, like for example a property manager, the Orlando home owners can expect a serious rental incomes to cover all their expenses. This is one of the safest and strongest options to save money and hedge inflation to set up one’s family’s financial future. This is considered to be one of the wisest options in a stable market situation to hedge the inflation using rental properties to secure income.

The real estate rental income in Orlando is amazing and no matter if it is on short-term basis for the holiday makers or on a long-term basis for the people who live and work in the state. There will always be people coming in Orlando area to spend their vacations or to start a business. The property owners in Orlando however, should keep in mind the costs needed for repairs and general upkeep. For a good real estate rental income in Orlando, the property owners need to minimize the expenses and keep as much of the rent as possible. For example, it would help if owners are able to keep the booking themselves and organize regular cleanings when they are renting a vacation property on a short-term basis. Otherwise, the property manager will be the one organizing the reservations, the cleaning and the repairs and the owner of the property in Orlando will receive a much smaller rent. In other words, families who are willing to receive real estate rental income in Orlando should be involved in the process of booking and organizing the rental issues that might follow.

In general, it is possible to secure the financial future of your family by getting real estate rental income in Orlando. However, you should make a good property investment as a first step in this process and then organize the process with a business like attitude and support.


First Time Home Buyers Are Being Attracted to the Orlando Market By The Truck Loads!

With the stable real estate situation in the Orlando Property Market, there is a vast choice of wonderful properties at affordable prices that make comfortable and affordable living desirable for not only the first time homeowner but also investors. It seems that the healthy housing Orlando Market is seriously attracting new homeowners and first time home buyers. The younger generation is looking at real estate as a great alternative to renting and at the same time Orlando market is ready for fresh blood.

The home buyers in Orlando feel more confident than ever and are now ready to purchase a home thanks to the improved housing market situation. This was confirmed in a recent report from Zillow, which showed that more than 4 million people, who are currently renting properties in the United States, are now willing to become first time home buyers in 2014.

The home buyers in Orlando are now feel ready to act and should be asking themselves several questions, which are important for the property investment they are about to make. These questions are:
• What is the location you prefer in Orlando?
• What is the budget you have for your new home investment?
• What are the must-have interior features you insist on?
• What type of property do you want to buy – a townhouse, a single-family
home, a condo?

Location is always at the top of the list for all property investments and this is especially true for the new first time home buyers in Orlando. Orlando is one of the most popular property markets in the United States, based on median housing list price, and price growth in the past year, number of good homes for sale and even the low unemployment rates in the area.

The median home price in Orlando is around $190,000, which marks an increase of almost 13 % compared to the prices this time last year. At the same time, the unemployment rate is 5.5 %, which is below the national average rate, also making Orlando’s housing market that much more appealing to first time home buyers. Property location always determines the atmosphere of the area, the infrastructure and the neighbors that the new buyers in Orlando will live with in close proximity.

The facts reveal that the number of homeowners in the area of Orlando who have entered a foreclosure has doubled in the period between July and August. This was most probably a result of the fast-track foreclosure law accepted in the state. According to the research ordered by the real estate companies, the initial filing numbers for foreclosure have increased to almost 20 % compared to August 2013. According to the experts, the increased number of foreclosures could mean that the home prices in Orlando will continue become more affordable as the banks will soon be listing more houses on the market. According to the Orlando Regional Realtors Association, the houses that the new home owners and first-time property buyers in Orlando can choose from now has doubled in the past 18 months.

Some of the benefits that the first time home buyers and new homeowners in Orlando have are the selection of stylish and elegant home designs, and abundance of different types of properties – namely condos, townhouses and single-family houses, etc. Thus, the first time and the new home buyers have everything necessary to make sure that their new property in Orlando meets their needs, style, requirements, and budget.

Sell Home in Orlando

How to Sell Your Home in Orlando and the Options You Have

People who own a home in the Orlando area and are looking to sell it for various reasons have quite a few options and possibilities available to consider. How to sell your home in Orlando? There are various options that home sellers in Orlando have when it comes to selling their houses, outside of realtors and financial institutions. Below are a few options available for people seeking to sell their homes in the Orlando area.

Seller financing
This option is given by a person who wants to sell their home in the Orlando area, to a potential end buyer who is in the market to buy a property. In this situation the seller holds a portion of the financing as a down payment and then gives the buyer a mortgage. This type of financing is quite useful when the buyers credit options are limited. The seller financing option allows the owners to arrange a shorter selling period of their home and receive a good return on their investment. At the same time, the end buyer of the Orlando home, can benefit on multiple levels, easier qualifying, flexible rates, better loan terms and less requirements concerning the down payment.

Working with professional realtors
Owners that want to sell their home in Orlando would benefit from working with a qualified professional who is experienced in property sales and home transactions. There is important paperwork and contracts that need to be done in a sale, which a good realtor will cover and make sure everything is recorded properly.

Sell Orlando homes fast for cash
Homeowners that want to sell their Orlando homes fast for cash should make a great first impression on the buyers since first impressions truly matter. Even in markets like Florida where homes are selling quickly and usually at the full asking price, the visual appearance of the properties is always encouraging the sales. There are several tips on how to attract potential buyers and sell Orlando homes fast for cash:

• Inviting exterior – the outer appearance of the property should be nice. Thus, the owner should clean the driveway, mow the grass, clean the windows, and paint the garage door if needed.
• Cozy interior – once the exterior has invited the potential buyers inside, then the interior should make them want to stay. The property needs to be clean, with well-organized shelves, not many personal belongings like family photos, etc. The potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in the property. The potted plants and the decorations, as well as the pleasant fresh atmosphere in the property are important too.
• Evening look – the appearance of the property during the evening is as important as its daily presentation. The lawn and the driveway should be well-lit and the number of the property should be visible.

People who want to be successful at selling their Orlando homes should present a simple, pleasant and clean property with potential. That is why making efforts in advance to make a good impression, providing seller financing, and working with professional realtors are things that matter and will result in many offers on the property.

Realtor with couple outside home

Did you know that 7% of realtors actually do 93% of the business!!

We all know about the 80/20 rule applied in the business according to which 20 % of the companies do 80 % of the business. This rule is valid for all spheres of business and could be applied for all industries and in the countries throughout the world. When it comes to the real estate business however, this rule is getting even more striking. According to recent research made, only 7 % of the real estate agents actually do 93 % of the business. This means that hundreds of thousands of realtors have not even done one deal a year and that is why many of them do not renew their real estate licenses.

The announcement of the 7 / 93 rule for the real estate industry can bring serious consequences and can directly impact the performance of the individual property investors. This information is very important for the realtors, who have to make up their mind whether they fall in that 7 % category or not and what they can do in order to be part of the 7% of successful real estate agents.

The real estate agents who want to make a difference can get to the next level by mastering the benchmarks in the real estate sphere and learn how to set new goals in order to own more of the business in the certain area. The experts believe that the same ratio of 7 / 93 could be applied for the real estate investors as well. Those professionals who really want to make a difference should know who their real competitors are and who are just not worth competing with, as being part of the 93 %.

This is especially important when one tries to work with realtors. Some of the real estate investors have never dreamed of it. Others consider working in collaboration with realtors is really profitable. That is why the good real estate investors make the efforts and expend substantial resources trying to do business with real estate agents. It is not easy to get the attention of the realtors and earn their business, as this comes with time and costs money.

The important thing here is for the real estate investors to find realtors that are part of the 7 % mentioned above. In other words, investors have to find a real estate agents who are doing deals and have enough knowledge to influence the deal flow and to control the two parties in the processes – both sellers and the buyers.

Real estate investors know that some of the agents in that 93 % have some value and their services could be used as well. Real estate Investors should also look for those realtors that have potential but have been ignored for one reason or another. These realtors are expected to be quite receptive, easier to work with and will bring a good ROI in the end.

Time is everything, so it’s especially important for real estate investors to choose the right realtors to work with – those with huge potential that is yet to be unleashed. The best way to find them is to set small deals and inspect how they will cope with them. The great realtors are motivated, focused, capable and eager to learn new things, willing to outwork and be more successful than their competition. After all, the 7 % realtors are fighters and they will do everything to make things happen.